I’m so pleased to finally be sharing images from the workshop that I hosted this summer!

This workshop was a whole learning experience for me, it was so much work to put together but it was totally worth it. A huge thanks to all the wonderful people who made it happen everyone who contributed their skills and talent, there wouldn’t be anything without you all! Most importantly thank you to all the ladies who came out and attended, I believe I will be doing this workshop again next year but with something a little different perhaps a most learning based workshop and I’ll be holding it closer to home. Driving out to Golden BC was absolutely amazing but plans to expand means more work, so holding it closer to Edmonton makes more sense to me. I will most likely be announcing something after the new year, keep your eyes peeled for that!

the 3 days in the rockies was beautiful I loved spending time and chatting photography with everyone who came. We had so many people all at different levels and different styles of photography which I thought was amazing, I think we all have something to learn from each other and I think we achieved that goal of community over competition.

The end of august is always a stunning month to shoot in but boy was it hot out for a couple of days there. Without anymore yammering I’ll let you view this part of the 2016 Wedding Workshop + Retreat. We had two different styled shoots out in Golden so I’ve split this up into two blog posts. Enjoy!

P.S. how amazing is this foxy eyeshadow that Heather from Blush Artistry used?! I love that girl to pieces!

Hair + Makeup / Blush Artistry

Florals / Fabloomosity

Model / Peyton Gastel

Location / Golden, BC

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