February 25, 2016

2016 Wedding Workshop + Retreat


I am so pleased to announce and host the first three day Wedding Workshop and Retreat! The premise of the workshop is to embrace the beautiful scenery around us, find out who and what our style is as photographers which will better help attract our right clients, and in return we will love our jobs more! And that we all have something to learn from each other.

The Rocky Mountains serve as the most stunning backdrop for our retreat, to connect with the nature that surrounds us and to incorporate that into our work. Living and working in the Rocky Mountains gives us the incredible opportunity to really take advantage of this so that we can build a fundamental bases of what we want our business’ and ourselves to reflect.

One other key aspect that makes this Wedding Workshop + Retreat so unique is we already have an amazing group of photographers involved! People from all skills level will be participating in this event, we all know that sometimes our jobs can get lonely as most of us sit in our home offices all day staring at a computer screen. Photography is growing everyday to become more and more inclusive as a community and we want to continue that trend! We all have something to learn from each other and this will be an open and honest place to vent, share, and grow.

Along with myself I will be hosting this event with Maggie Lalonde from Margaret Kathleen Photography, Maggie is from Hamilton, Ontario and we are so pleased to bring together more of the community of photographers from across Canada!


If you are someone who is looking to connect and grow than we would love to have you! The opportunity to make new friends because we all deserve support in whatever we do in our lives, to learn from others and in return others can learn from you growing your skills and enhancing our business.

The 2016 Wedding Workshop + Retreat will be on August 28th to the 30th 

The 2016 Wedding Workshop + Retreat will be held just outside of Golden, BC. A private lodge has been reserved for all of us to spend time together, cooking, talking, and drinking wine. Everyone will arrive on Sunday August 28th, we will all get settled in while we spend the night eating and chatting, swapping stories while we are surrounded by wilderness on all sides. We will be within walking distance to the Blaeberry River too, nature is just outside the door of our retreat. Hiking trails abound including easy riverside walks to full mountain scrambles this is a true Canadian Rockies experience. The 29th will be filled with wonderful workshops, and finally we all part ways on the 30th feeling confident in our shooting skills and the new friends we have made!

The number of attendees for the Wedding Workshop + Retreat is limited to 8and the deadline to sign up for the 2016 Wedding Workshop + Retreat is July 31st, 2016. Please note many people will have to share double or queen sized beds, if you are at all uncomfortable sharing a sleeping space with someone this may not be the retreat for you, the Wedding Workshop + Retreat will fill up on a first come first served basis. Upon signing up, which you can do in the form bellow I will be sending over an itinerary along with all the other details that you may need closer to the date of the retreat.


What can you expect and what does everything cover?

The cost of the ENTIRE Wedding Workshop + Retreat costs $500, with a $200 deposit required upon booking. The cost covers everything that you’ll need throughout the weekend, you just need to get there! Everything that you see listed below is what is covered in the costs, this is an all inclusive event and we have tried to keep it budget friendly for everyone!! 

  • Meals and snacks will provided throughout the entire weekend. We will all prepare our meals together for more bonding opportunities, because theres nothing better than everyone cooking together! Everyone will also be expected to help clean up after meals.
  • Accommodation the whole concept is that we all have something to learn form each other and we will all be together throughout the entire 3 days and 2 nights that we are there in the beautiful cabin in Golden, BC. There won’t be private rooms for everyone, so if you are uncomfortable sharing a space with someone this may not be the retreat for you. There is a total of three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Our facility accommodates a maximum of 8 people.
  • Bonding opportunities to connect with photographers of all skill levels.
  • Wine! We will have wine there because after all this is also a vacation, and I don’t get many of those!
  • Two photography workshop sessions with models, florals, make-up and decor on the 29th that we are there.
  • Hiking and nature walks, in between our workshop sessions with the models we can go for walks and take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds us!
  • Carpooling! Once we have all the details of where everyone is from we can help arrange and organize carpools so that we can travel together to the cabin.
  • And most importantly we will expect fun!! Everyone will participate in everything that we are doing and we are so super excited!!

More information will be updated like how much space is available, more travel details, and more details about which vendors will be participating, if there is anything that you are concerned or confused about, or if you have any questions about anything at all please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach me here, on my contact pages, or here

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