These two! What canI say about these two… not much except that Annie + Camille are two of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever met. It’s always a treat when I get to photograph friends and these two are some of the best friends ever, their always there for you and they always make you laugh. I have known them for awhile now and both of our families feel so close it warms my heart.

So because I decided to venture out into a new style of portraiture I kindly asked if Annie + Camille would come over and I’m so happy that they did, they came over and got a beautiful makeover by Blush Artistry and I had the pleasure of taking some fun mother daughter photographs for the two of them.

I hope you all enjoy this session as much as I did!

annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-1 annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-2 annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-3 annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-4 annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-5 annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-6 annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-7 annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-8 annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-9 annie-camille-edmonton-portrait-photographer-rhiannon-sarah-photography-10

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