I honestly believe I create some of my best work when I’m with my friends, I think it has to do with the no fear complex. It gives me an opportunity to experiment with my art in the way that I can’t when I’m with my clients, good news is experimenting with my friends allows me the opportunity to hone my craft and then take those skills and physically use them during a client session. It’s just everything good wrapped into one, I believe that’s how an artist gets better. If I’m not experimenting my work will never progress, so I’m always grateful to my wonderful friends like Becky here who will pretty much do anything for me so that I can get the shot I want 🙂

Thanks girl!!

And for any of you considering my New Mountain Session they we’re inspired by this shoot! Because how could you not want a session filled with adventure, mountains, and lakes! It’s just a whole bunch of goodness wrapped up in one glorious session!

Enjoy and feel free to get inpirsed!

Love Rhiannon

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