I’m trying to do something a little different these days, I want to be documenting more of my life with photos. I feel I already somewhat do that, but mostly just instagram and occasionally Facebook. I think I would rather practice more every day carrying my camera around on my shoulder rather than my phone camera and then publishing them on my blog. 🙂 Hope you all like this little change I’ll be trying to do.

Today I had breakfast with my dear friend Persia we haven’t seen each other since new years eve, so I was more than delighted to catch up with her. Good girl gossip talk is a must for me, and it’s something I’ve missed with my best friend. Todays scene was set at the lovely Strathcona Farmers Market, it was a perfect way to kick off spring as it’s finally starting to feel that way around here lately. I didn’t even have to wear my big ol’ heavy winter jacket! Yippee!!

Yum, fresh made BLT’s!

Love Rhiannon

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