Allison and Jober are finally up here on my blog today! What an emotional day this was, both Allison and Jober wore their hearts on their sleeves and I was honoured to witness and capture it.

So turns out when Allison and Jober drove up to Edmonton for their engagement shoot we got caught in a terrible downpour, and I remember saying “Oh don’t worry at least it won’t rain on your wedding day!” Then, I forgot I can’t control the weather… as much as I’d like too because then all my sessions would have the best weather possible! Anyway so the ironic thing as I’m sure you can guess by now, is that it rained on Allison and Jober’s wedding day. We made the best of it and someone graciously went out and bought us all umbrellas that day which actually turned out to be really cute props for their wedding photos, and their images turned out beautifully.

My favourite part was that Allison’s shoes actually matched the teal umbrella that one of her bridesmaids luckily had in her car, so of course I had to take advantage of that. These people are so grateful for everything that they have and I love being apart of someones special day, making memories with them, it really makes me feel so happy at the end of day. I know the rain wasn’t ideal but I think everything turned out more lovely because if it!

P.S. Allison and Jober are expecting their first child now! Eeek! How exciting is that!! Congrats to the three of you, so much love for you guys!

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