I don’t think I love anything more than when a happy go-lucky couple like Carrie + Steven step in front of my lens! These two we’re all giggles and smiles during our engagement session and it makes me incredibly excited for their wedding this June. I had the pleasure of photographing Carrie a little earlier this year when she was one of Hayley’s bridesmaids! We all had such a great time at Hayley + Aaron’s wedding and just even more fun during Carrie + Steven’s session I can only imagine all that combined for the summer and it warms my heart.

Carrie’s family owns a cute little piece of property just outside of Onoway with horses, something near and dear to her. I love when couples can make their engagement sessions unique while incorporating little pieces of themselves and their family, soon Steven will also be apart of that family and that’s why I love photographing couples and weddings.

It was a little chilly out but that’s what you get when all the leaves are gone, luckily they brought a bottle of red wine to sip from to keep their bodies warm! The horses also helped as they we’re all over these two! Finally we were graced with a beautiful pink hazy sunset and more smiles!

Keep yours eyes peeled in June when you’ll see these two again!

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