This is one of my favourite locations to shoot in, the last time I shot here, and you may very well recognize it, was Mallory’s session. But today I’m sharing Chris’ session! Another equally talented musician I’ve had the pleasure of knowing through my connections from the time I went to music school.

This space makes the list as one of my favourites because of the great abundance of natural light it provides, natural really is the most flattering in my opinion and the other nice thing is I know how to harness natural and more specifically window light, it was a skill I had to develop and the first time I really utilized it was in my first shoot here. So it really was a treat for me to return with Chris and develop those skills further!

This post is chalk full of black and whites more than I normally include in a blog post but that’s only because this shoot rocked the black and white images and I think Chris looks good in black and white, it’s always a classic. Adorned with a more casual look for the first half our session we finished off with Chris changing into an incredibly dapper suit! I don’t get to shoot many men and you can never go wrong with one in a good suit. I always have fun with all my clients and Chris is no exception, hope you all enjoy!

Take care everyone, till next time!

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