Oh dear this post is long over-due! Things got tricky this last month time management wise, life is a constant re-evaluation of what we need and want. While I am I still in the early beginnings of my business I in hindsight may have taken on a little too much a little too fast and I simply didn’t adjust to it well. We’re all human, making human mistakes, and no I’m not beating myself up about it because I’ve learned and that’s smart. Everyday I’m learning how to run my business better and schedule my life better.

Anyway… without further a due! Here is the beautiful and talented musician Ciara! I have known this stunning girl since high school and I am over the moon that I was asked to do some promotional photos for her, and her music. We lucked out with gorgeous light we already had to re-schedule once due to inadequate weather so I’m happy we got exactly what we we’re looking for this night.

This location meant a lot to Ciara, her families ranch where she spent her days when she was little. I’m honoured that she will now have some beautiful photographs to remember this place as apparently it will soon be gone.

Ciara rocked this shoot so enjoy!

p.s. I have another exciting shoot coming up with this exact same location so keep your eyes open for that on my Facebook page!

Love Rhiannon

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