I really lucked out with beautiful weather for my weddings this past summer, only had one rainy day and in my eyes even that turned out stunning! Sandi + Adams day really was just that though, a warm day at the end of September that was gorgeous beyond belief! We took the drive out to Drayton Valley for this day, and their wedding was held in the cutest local hall. I always love small town halls, they always feel so personalized and charming.

While the day was personalized and quaint every girl needs a couple of surprises to make her feel really special on her wedding day, Sandi’s family surprised her with a limo for her special day, you could see that it brought tears to her eyes which was so heartwarming. When two families come together as one to make one day truly unforgettable for the people involved that is just one of the many reasons I love photographing weddings!

There ceremony was officiated by Sandi’s grandmother, and the way that Sandi’s family welcomed in Adam will be a section speech I will never forget! The bridal party we’re totally sweet hearts, we got so many amazing shots of all of them. My personal favourite, pictures of the girls ;D I really think I love fall for all the colours, the yellow mixed with the shades of green and brown, it really has to be one of my favourite seasons. Who am I kidding I’m a girl, all girls like fall! Plus it’s never 25+ degrees outside… I hate when it get’s too hot outside to work in July for example and I’m caring around 10 pound cameras on either side of me.

I loved photographing Sandi + Adam’s wedding day, thank you for letting me into your home and be apart of your family for the day.

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