Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share this wedding! It’s a long one ( three blog posts long to be exact ) so brace yourself, I just couldn’t not share these images. My first East Indian, Sikh wedding I’ve ever shot. Huge props to the wonderful souls Rubi + Ramneek who entrusted me to shoot their big five day wedding.

It’s a lot to ask someone to capture one of the most important days in your life and another if you haven’t ever done it before, I still remember the very first time I shot a wedding. The joy and nervousness I felt when that couple trusted me it was more or less the same feeling with Rubi and Ramneek’s wedding, it’s so different and at the same time… the same as any other western wedding I’ve shot.

So many things happened over the five days, so many things I hadn’t ever witnessed before it was so thrilling, all the colour and the family, lots of family! It’s amazing how much they come together to celebrate the joining of two families.

Rubi + Ramneek officially wed on July 2nd, bellow you’ll find the first three day’s of festivities prior to their actual wedding day. I loved capturing all the beautiful traditions and I wouldn’t have wanted to capture my first Sikh wedding with any other couple. Rubi and Ramneek we’re nothing but sweet and supportive and just all kinds of cute, I already have a another Sikh wedding booked for 2017 and I’m just as excited for that one, now that I actually know what happens during the whole wedding! I was unbelievably tired after the five days but it was crazy worth it, although honestly I think the bride and groom where just as tired as me if not more!

These two have been together for many years they we’re already so close and comfortable with each other you can just see the way they joke around with each other Rubi and Ramneek compliment each other perfectly, right down to the hip-hop jokes and sweet be-boy poses!

Stay tuned for two more blog posts of their wedding to come soon!

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