Emily + Mike are engaged! This is so exciting for me, ever since I started photographing I’ve had lots of opportunities to photograph my friends but Emily and Mike are actually the first of my friends to call me up to capture their engagement session. I was so unbelievably honoured that they wanted me to capture it for them! They emailed me a couple weeks prior and told me they would be heading down to Banff for some camping and to get engaged, and if I would meet them in the beautiful rockies to document them. I immediately said yes! Of course, as it always feels more special to me because I’ve known these two for so much longer. Emily was one of the very first people I photographed back a couple of years and I’ve had the pleasure of capturing her a few more times since then, so I loved that I got to photograph this next milestone in her life.

We headed out up the mountains of Canmore for our session, we thought it might rain on us, but luckily it passed by. You never know what the weather is going to do in the rockies. I cant wait to see what happens next with these two, wishing them all the happiness and I hope I get to be apart of the future. Enjoy this mountain and forest inspired engagement session with Emily and Mike!

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