I’m pleased to showcase my dear friend Emily today on my blog! So happy I was able to update these photos for this sweet girl, yet another incredibly talented musician I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing for many years. I took portraits of Emily two year ago when I was just starting out so it was so nice to get her in front of my lens again, I love seeing how both of us have grown in only that amount of time both as individuals and as creative professionals.

This girl is just killing it lately with incredibly original and inspiring music, if you’d like to take a listen to some of her beautiful folk music you can find it here! I hope I’ll get many more opportunities to photograph Emily as time goes by, same goes for all my musician friends I love seeing us grow!

Please feel free to check out this whole stunning golden shoot in the beautiful Edmonton river valley, later we went back to Emily’s so we could grab some action piano playing shots. Hope you all enjoy!

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