Fort Edmonton Park Wedding – Chloe + Cody

Would you believe I haven’t actually shot a wedding a Fort Edmonton Park yet until Chloe + Cody’s? Lucky for me I shot one more this year in addition to Chloe and Cody’s but they we’re my first. Chloe and Cody met me what feels like forever ago now just when I was starting out in wedding photography back in early 2015 to think how far we’ve all come in year over a year is fascinating to me and I’m so thankful to people who so early on that took a chance on me when I had literarily nothing in my portfolio to show. I think at the time that Chloe and Cody booked me I had done maybe three very small weddings and only shot a handful of couples.

Well anyway here’s Chloe + Cody’s sweet August wedding, complete with a sweet little church, a violin, warming of the rings which hung so delicately in a glass case, tying of a wedding knot and lots of smiles and laughs in between. Chloe and Cody added so many unique and sweet touches to their ceremony, Chloe had gotten vintage handkerchiefs and hand held fans for everyone I just love seeing little details like that.

One funny little thing that just happen to happen on their wedding day was that that weekend in the park it so happened to be wedding throughout the centuries so naturally everyone thought Chloe and Cody were apart of the exhibit lots of guests of the park we’re taking photos of the two of them which we just thought was hilarious.

We went over to the fair rides and games area for some really fun photos on the carousal and ferris wheel, I may or may not have gotten a little ill on the both rides I really don’t handle motion that well but powered through anyway! Really didn’t help that it was incredibly hot out that way, but that’s the job.

Also to add I’m a sucker for breakfast it is undoubtedly my absolutely favourite meal of the day if people would let me I would eat it for every meal of the day! So naturally I got super stoked when I found out that Chloe and Cody’s food for their wedding would be brunch! Oh yes brunch, you can tell I’m still clearly really excited about that part haha!

It was an amazing wedding, thank you Chloe and Cody for letting me capture it and be part of your day. Thanks to the vendors bellow who also made it happen : )

Venue / Fort Edmonton Park

Catering / Fort Edmonton Park

Flowers / Made by the bridal party flowers from Bulk Flowers

Cakes / Triple L Cakes

Invitations / Designed by the bride

Decorator / Marion Ferguson

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