Hi friends! I felt I needed a bit of a change up, I was slightly tired of the layout and the format of my old blog so I found this great new hosting website for my new blog!

I hope you all like what comes out of it, I’m trying to a do a little re-branding of myself lately and I’m thinking is a great new fresh start.

I still fully intend to share everything on here just as I have been before, I throughly enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts as well as my images publicly. However the re-branding I’m talking has more to do with how I see myself as a growing artist and photographer. I feel as though (now that I’m a little over a year into my business) that I really want to hone into the personal side of what I’m doing, to not only take pictures but to make a connection between my camera and my client. Photographers are story tellers and I want to embrace more of that aspect.

I care a lot about how I convey my work and this just a new step for me, I’m very excited, so stick around! (This new blog also has the ability to leave comments!! Which my old one didn’t)

Love Rhiannon

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