33 more school days left. Guys! Only 33 more days then I’m graduated!! I can’t believe it, looking back to where I stared to where I am now its crazy.

When I started, I was pursuing a degree in music now only three years later, I have my own photography business and I am so looking forward to being able to pursue that full time as soon as I’m done school. I have a new job lined up for when I graduate and my summer is filling up with weddings and shoots left and right. I am so incredibly excited!

I have made some great friends over the last three years and it’s going to be a really weird feeling not going back to school this fall for the first time since I was in pre-school. But I’m optimistic about the future, I think the next year will be a great year of self growth for me.

I’m officially graduating this June, at convocation I will receive my music diploma. So thankful for everyone who has helped me get here this far!

So here are some snap shots that I’ve taken over years of my time there.

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