Sweet Karly’s amazing portrait session is up today! Honestly the word amazing doesn’t even begin to cover this amazingly talented lady and this shoot, it was beyond words. I met Karly when I was still going to music school at MacEwan, as many of my portrait shoots involve musicians, people I met while at university  we already have a great connection. Which is really important to me when photographing anyone, being in front of the camera can be venerable, and already knowing the person on a great level before the shoot helps a lot! Everyone is always much more relaxed and open to trying new things when suggested.

Karly arranged for her session to include horses, now I have to admit I LOVE horses. Ever since I was a little girl, horses were my favourite animal so I got incredibly excited when we showed up to the stables. Her dear friend Courtney helped us out, she let us pose with her horses for our session and I’m so glad we did because sadly only a month or so later one of Courtney’s horses, Altone passed away. This is why I love photography luckily I had some images of just Altone and I gave them to Courtney so that she would always be able to remember her sweet friend.

This session was also meaningful in one other really important way for Karly, her family has had a cabin in their family for many years now out by Lake Wabamun. Unfortunately they are having to sell the property so Karly also wanted some images done there so that she could always remember the wonderful memories.

I love creating beautiful timeless moments like these, it really touches me knowing that I’m making a small but important difference if only for a moment in someones life. I’m so excited to have so many wonderful talented friends like Karly, she writes absolutely stunning music and I am so proud!

Hope you all enjoy this shoot as much as I did!

P.S. Karly just launched her first single This Day on iTunes, you should all check it out 🙂

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