I’m so thrilled for the wonderful couples I got to capture this summer and Katie + Jordan are no exception! With so much rain this summer I had many re-schedules, luckily for us on this night we had beautiful weather.

We headed down to one of my favourite spots in the river valley, it’s one of favourites because it has so much to offer in terms of scenery. Katie + Jordan are getting married this coming January right in the new year, I’m so excited because I don’t get to photograph many winter weddings and to add what a perfect couple to kick off my first wedding of 2017! I do hope it we’ll have some snow of the ground, last year was a little warm for my liking and so far we seem to be having another warm one. But fingers crossed that for January we’ll have a lovely blanket of fresh snow for these two!

But before we start dreaming of any cold snow we can enjoy these two in all the beauty that is Edmonton in the summertime. You’ll see, how great is that pop of red that Katie is wearing! These two compliment each other so well I’m so looking forward to seeing them again soon in just a couple of months now! Yikes! Time really does just fly by when you’re having fun!

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