Kiera + Greg are just simply the best! These two were so much fun to photograph (I mean all my couples are fun to photograph!) but Kiera + Greg brought it to a whole new level. Goofing around with big smiles on their faces, and laughing the entire time they were naturals in front of my camera! They felt totally free to be themselves 🙂

I’m so excited I got the opportunity to celebrate these two together, Kiera hadn’t seen Greg in about a month so she was sweetest girlfriend ever and planned all these amazing surprises for him! She made up little clues for Greg to lead him to his next adventure, and of course the clues rhymed which made it even sweeter. Couples massage (surprise one), a beautiful hotel room over looking downtown and the river valley at the Chateau La Combe Hotel (surprise two), meeting me!! for pictures (surprise three!) then they finished off their evening with dinner and then finally heading out to play Breakout!

We had a great time exploring more of our river valley, I just can’t get over how great Edmonton can actually be. I always feel like everyone’s down on Edmonton but really there is so many great places! Then we headed back to the hotel room Kiera had gotten while they popped champagne, ate chocolates and just celebrated them being them 🙂

It was so sweet and the pictures turned out great! Thanks Kiera + Greg for being so amazing.

Love Rhiannon

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