Krysty + Jamie’s engagement session is finally being featured, yippee!! These two sweet love birds we’re visiting Krysty’s family who lives here in Edmonton, currently they’re living down in California where Jamie is from and they wanted some engagement photos that we’re uniquely Canadian to compare to their home in California. Although I for example would love a change of scenery from Edmonton and I would LOVE to photograph a couple beach side haha, we always want what we can’t have.

I photographed Ciara, Krysty’s younger sister a month or so earlier at this exact same location, you can find her session here. Their family ranch, which sadly will no longer be in their family for too much longer. So it was a treat for me to capture Ciara here last time and this time Krysty + Jamie, so that their family can always remember this place!

With the fall comes all that gold, to be honest I was worried because when Krysty originally contacted me and told me when she would be back in Canada with Jamie I was certain that all the beautiful leaves would be gone from the trees, and I knew that they really wanted those perfect fall images. I’m so glad we caught the tail end of our Edmonton fall, just so these two could bask in all that gold!

Might I also add that these two have impeccable style! Congratulations Krysty + Jamie on the engagement, these two are getting hitched in California and I wish them the very best 🙂

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