Edmonton always serves as the perfect backdrop! What a gorgeous fall day for Hayley and Aaron to celebrate the joining of two families. I really wish I could have spent more time with these two, but I was still incredibly touched that they asked me to cover their ceremony and the little bits and pieces in between.

Hayley and Aaron had beautiful gold details, totally following the trend and I loved it! Following a super fun cocktail hour, I adore capturing candid moments like that. I honestly find that cocktail hour is the best opportunity to capture everyone, whether their chit chatting away with each other or having a great laugh with big smiling faces, it is the perfect time to try and get everyone who was at the wedding on camera!

Hayley and Aaron thanks for letting me be apart of your wedding day, it is always a pleasure!

On a side note I’m thrilled as this summer I am photographing one of Hayley’s bridesmaids, Carrie’s, wedding! Super excited for that, let’s be honest I’m excited for every wedding! I might be a little wedding crazy, can’t blame me.

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