I am very excited and I am finally sharing Mallory’s shoot on my brand new blog! What a perfect way to christen it with this lovely lady!

I’ve known Mallory for a couple of years now and she is such a great gal to work with, she’s an incredibly talented jazz vocalist and I am happy to call her my friend. Mallory was one of the very first people I ever took photographs of, she volunteered to model for me just as I was starting out when I needed images for my portfolio. I really enjoy not only taking pictures of her but being able to see the growth in my work by comparing the same face to my previous shooting style and post processing.

We decided we wanted to do an indoor shoot this time around with Edmonton being so cold out for so many months of the year it seemed like a good move to shoot indoors with a classic vibe, so that we could really get creative without freezing out toes and fingers off! Huge thank you to the Edmonton Public School’s Archive Building for letting us shoot in, it fit the style we we’re going for perfectly! Of course I couldn’t help but take Mallory outside afterwards to take a few quick shots against the red brick and pine trees I’m just a huge fanatic for natural outdoor light.

Love Rhiannon

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