Here’s a special session I’m so happy to share! I feel so lucky for the great friends I have and their willingness to help me, Megan + Rob are some of those great friends. You may recognize Megan + Rob from my promotional video! They we’re kind enough to reach to me when I needed a wonderful couple to showcase my work, and I am so happy it was these two.

I rented out The Project Loft as I wanted us to be comfortable while shooting, see how it’s winter time outside! This space is bright and so clean, something I try to emulate in my photography. But just as we we’re wrapping up a beautiful snow fall started outside so of course I had to drag everyone to the street because there’s nothing I love more than shooting outside in all the elements.

Huge thanks to Megan + Rob for volunteering their time and modelling for me 🙂

I’ll be sharing my other shoot that was featured in my video soon! Take care everyone!

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