Alberta Aviation MuseumThese past couple of weeks have absolutely bonkers!! I’m so happy I finally got around to having time to finish up this shoot, it almost took me twice as long to finish this session than I normally do. Luckily Remi is a dear friend of mine so he didn’t mind waiting a couple more week’s for his photographs 🙂

Life has been so hectic lately, I’ve been hired to start a new job (yay!) but in all honestly it couldn’t have come at a worst time haha! I still have my other part time job, and on top of that I’m still in school working on finishing up my diploma. All while balancing the ups and downs of running/ still building your own business, so as you can imagine I’m just barley making it through the days let alone weeks. However schools is almost done then I’ll be free!

In the long run though what really makes me happy is being able to share these photographs with you from this super great session I had with Remi in the mid of February. I’m always overjoyed when I get the opportunity to capture my friends, especially when it’s my darling friends and their lovely instruments! Is there anything better than a trombone? Besides a saxophone (guilty, I know I’m biased… playing the saxophone myself) I kid, I kid 🙂

Any who we started off at the Legislator grounds, but my absolutely favourite part of this session was going to the Alberta Aviation Museum. As you know I love nothing more than natural light and the Aviation Museum is so unique with an abundance of it, happy Rhiannon, happy photographer.

Oh by the way I got a new camera and it’s a total game changer, I have a bunch of weddings coming up this summer and it’s already proven it’s loyalty to me so I cant wait to use it at a large event!

Love Rhiannon

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