Sharing another adorably cute couple on my blog today, here’s Rubi + Ramneek! I often prefer the greenery to the harshness we get in the winter time but there is one thing I do love, it’s all that gold! Without there being anything on the trees the sun can really shine through, creating this wonderful golden glow that you just can’t get in the summer. I guess all seasons have their pros and cons, most people tend to save their engagement sessions for the summer but I’m glad Rubi + Ramneek picked the fall/ winter time for theirs!

I’m so excited to be sharing so many couples on my blog these day’s who wedding’s I’ll get to photograph this coming summer, Rubi + Ramneek’s wedding will be a real special one in my books. I don’t want to give too much away I’d rather the images speak for themselves so I’ll leave it at that till July, be sure to stick around for that!

I so appreciate it when people like these two here place so much trust into someone else it really makes me value what I do for a living, people that care for your well being, and in return I care for theirs! I’m so thrilled to have Rubi + Ramneek in my life, I can’t wait for their wedding! One other final thing, we finished off our session in their car which gave me a good laugh. Simply because they spend so much time there! I can relate, all my photos should be taken in front of my computer at my desk that’s where I spend all of my time. I suppose it really is just who we are 🙂

Enjoy this golden looking engagement session!

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