Overcast days have some of the best light! I almost always get a little disappointed when I don’t see the sun beaming through the tress because I’m such a lover for sun soaked images, but I forget how beautiful overcast light can look. It’s so much softer and in all honesty easier to control when taking pictures.

Sam and Steven we’re so amazing to photograph! They met in high school and started dating when they were at the University of Alberta about three years ago so thats where we started off our session, these two are so cute and so in love! I had the pleasure of taking some portraits for Sam earlier this year in the winter, some head shots for Story Weddings and Events 🙂 So I was thrilled when Sam came to me wanting to do a couples session with her and Steven.

We finished off with the cutest of picnics and the sun did eventually come out for just that last little bit of golden light.

Love Rhiannon

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