Here’s an interesting post from the late summer that I thought I would share! Now if you took a quick glance at any of my work you’d attribute with airy, bright, soft for the most part. But I’ll admit I like my edgier now and again… So here’s tatiana! I’ve known Tatiana for a couple of years now we met in music school at MacEwan and boy am I glad to call this lady my friend!

So it’s kind of a funny thing me and Tat love to work together! Yet she’s likes the more edgier side of photography and I’m not typically that person, but for her I’m more than happy to step out of my comfort zone and try something new and I’m glad I did because these turned out pretty damn cool. Tatiana is a wicked musician, and she needed a killer portrait for her new EP which you can find here! So we set out downtown when the sun was long gone for some dramatic images and mission accomplished!

May I also add that while Tat is an incredible musician and person, she also dabbles in videography! Not just dabbles actually, Tatiana rocks it! Proof, she filmed my promotional video she did all the filming and the editing, plus the music! Because she’s just that cool! If anyone needs some videography done I’d recommend her to anymore, feel free to also check out here website here 🙂

So here’s something a little different from me, hope you enjoy!

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