This session means so much to me in so many different ways, most importantly I got to capture my two very best friends!! I’ve known Tessa + Sepp since 2010 and they recently just returned from a 4 month trip in Australia! I missed them but i know that they had a amazing time and made some truly unique memories that the two of them will share for the rest of their lives to come!

Another reason why this session was so important to me, Tessa + Sepp were the first couple/ people I ever photographed! I slightly owe it to the two of them for sparking my interest in photography, were I could eventually see a career for myself 🙂

We ventured out to beautiful Elk Island (a place I’ve been wanting to photograph at for some time now) and caught the most beautiful golden sunset as it set across over the lake. Truly a “picture perfect” moment.

Thank you Tessa + Sepp for being the best friends a girl could ask for!!

Love Rhiannon

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