Well this post is super old, but it always seems like my personal posts get pushed to the bottom as I (of course) always put my clients work ahead of everything else, and thats okay I’m just happy I finally got around to finishing these up and sharing them with you!

Last summer I got really into hiking, I haven’t had a chance to really get out there yet this summer but hopefully soon I’ll find myself a day off and I can head on up to Jasper again. My dear friends and I decided to take a little two day camping trip out to the Valley of Five Lakes and the next day we did Opal Hills the hardest hike I’ve done to date but by far of the most beautiful ones I’ve been on.

I was exceptionally smart and decided to hike with not one but two cameras… Something I won’t be doing again I can tell you that, haha I simply thought I was a lot stronger than I was. Thinking I could carry an extra 15 pounds of camera weight on my back was a huge misstep but thats okay my friends helped me lighten the load, on the plus side I was able to get some awesome photographs.

Anyway I know the post is long but we sure had a lot of fun hiking for two days and my awesome friends Tessa + Sepp agreed to model for me (more than once) on our trip for some cool couples photographs, they even took a dip in a lake. I didn’t partake, the water was much too cold for me!

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