I’m excited to share and feature Yana’s session on my blog today! I met this beautiful lady in my second year of university over at MacEwan and we began instant friends so it brings me so much joy to finally be able to capture her and all her talent.

We set out to downtown Edmonton for some portraits, theres something about jazz that just speaks more for the urban view than something in a whimsical forest setting. We were able to take some beautiful sunny portraits with Yana’s tenor and alto saxophone, she’s really up and coming in the Edmonton jazz scene and she’s always gigging around town so if you have a chance I highly recommend going to check her out. Yana is always dedicating herself to practicing and improving she just gets better each and every time I listen to her! I feel honoured that she is one of my close friends.

Anyway feel free to check out Yana’s portrait session bellow, we sure had a lot of fun shooting together and I hope we can do it together again soon.

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