Hey everyone! I thought I would share another year long awaited post! Yikes, I shot these last September so ya to say I’m little behind is an understatement although I’m trying hard to stay on top of everything these days so far so good.

Anyway!! I’excited to share these almost a year later haha! Diner En Blanc is an amazing event that started years ago in Paris, if you haven’t heard of it I highly suggest you do a quick google search. It’s an incredibly fun evening filled with drinks, dancing, good music, and good company, everyone dresses up in white and we get taken some surprise location to have dinner! Diner En Blanc has been going for quite awhile now but only recently came to Edmonton two years ago, my mother and I attended the first one which took place in the rain I promise you holding up umbrellas while you try to eat is just as fun. This year we lucked out with good weather however it was a little chilly, I just drank lots of red wine to keep my body warm haha!

Of course walking around an event like this with a professional grade camera people thought I was an official event photographer and were posing for me, I’m not going to complain everyone is always dressed so amazingly at this event I’m happy to capture every little detail I can. I’m already busy planning for my outfit for this years Diner En Blanc which I’ve heard will be at the end of July (although I haven’t received my invite yet) I’m so excited. Go big or go home right!

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