I am so lucky to call this girl my friend, she’s a constant feature on my blog and I wouldn’t want it any other way. She’s always up for me dragging her outside whether that be in the cold snow or if I make her stand in a lake, plus she’s stunning so I always love when I get to take pictures of her. It allows me to really be myself and experiment new things when it comes to photography, as I typically don’t feel like experimenting with new clients 🙂

I can’t totally remember how these photos came about but they normally occur when one of us calls the other one and simply put, “LET’S GO OUT AND TAKE PICTURES RIGHT NOW!” or something to that effect… I’m not gonna complain, it’s fun!

There was a pretty gorgeous snow fall that blanketed the trees, and of course my personal and all time favourite beautiful light from golden hour. And ta-da!

I’m sure you’ll all see becky again soon once the trees art to blossom. Take care everyone!

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