Wow am I ever behind in blogging! My apologies everyone, I always find myself caught up editing and not enough time is spent after that promoting the shoot.

Anyway here’s Diane + Eric!! I get to photograph their winter wedding next January so you’ll get to see them not in a summery setting but something completely opposite! I know it’s going to be just too darn cute, I think winter weddings are beautiful (not that I’ve really done one yet) but I can certainly imagine! I totally understand why most people have summer weddings and sometimes winter weddings are overlooked but they can have their chance in the sun too 🙂

Diane + Eric brought along their adorable little dog to our session which just makes it feel that much warmer, as the two of them will soon become family it’s nice to see all members involved. Yet another beautiful couple, on a beautiful Edmonton evening!

Thanks Diane + Eric for spending that evening with me 🙂

Love Rhiannon

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