Married at the beautiful Emerald Lake Lodge in April, I had the pleasure of capturing Vanessa + Stefan’s mountain wedding. April can be a tricky month for weddings in the mountains, driving up the day of the wedding it rained, and snowed, and we had bursts of sun. You never know what you’re going to get with he weather up there, and that proved to be true throughout the day with these two. With some exceptionally fun moments and some sweet tears in between I wouldn’t have wanted the spend this day any other way. We spent our whole time at the Lodge, moving out to the lake for some portraits so that we could get that beautiful mountain backdrop. It may have been little cold but Vanessa was smart and brought the most Canadian of winter accessories, HBC inspired point blankets, my personal favourite, for herself and her bridesmaids. Finishing off the night with many wonderful speeches from their loved ones, and of course a little bit of cake cutting and dancing. Vanessa and Stefan wanted to make sure that I was taken care of, just as much as their guests, and that touches me. It made me feel so at home with them and I can truly say I had a great time, including (and not pictured) some dancing later on by yours truly, I swear Vanessa made me do it! Thank you Vanessa + Stefan and their family for letting me apart of an amazing day.

Florist : Groom’s Mother

Cake : Groom’s Mother & Grandma

Makeup : Kristen Lo (Krissy)

 Bride’s Dress : David’s Bridal

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