Oh my gosh these two! Kate + Tom are some the most awesome and sweetest people I’ve met you really sometimes just click so well with certain people right off the bat and Kate + Tom are just some of those people. I’m so pleased to share their engagement with you on my blog today.

Kate + Toms wedding is going to be one for books I already know it, their wedding is taking place at the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert this September the whole thing is a great big family event as it turns out Kate’s family is in fact the Hole family who started the Enjoy Centre. I love it when weddings are filled with family traditions and legacies I feel like it makes its that much more unique.

Kate + Tom invited to their home which is on the original family farm right in the middle of St. Albert, I had the opportunity to shoot them and their adorable dogs Stella + Tig all over their property which is filled with beautiful mature trees and gardens. We had such a great time, and did I mention that Tom is a firefighter? Which means he could pick up kate in the firefighters pose which I just loved to photograph! We we’re able to take some more formals pictures and then followed up with something a little more casual with classic blue jeans and cowboy boots. And of course if you know Kate + Tom the very last couple of pictures make total sense they’ve got gardeners in their blood haha!

Hope you all enjoy this session as much as I did photographing it!

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