Lexa + Andrew were so much fun to work with!! They were up for anything I suggested with included being eaten alive by mosquitoes when we entered the river valley!

Lexa + Andrew met at the University of Alberta, both of them are incredibly sweet and intelligent individuals you can just see from the way these two walk together that they are meant to be together. So it seamed fitting that we start of our engagement session on the University grounds, then following up with mosquitoes, and some warm drink on Leva’s patio. We we’re so worried it was going to rain the night of our shoot (we already had to postpone once due to a thunderstorm) but luckily for us this time we we’re in the clear!

These two are tying the knot come next March, so congrats Lexa + Andrew!! I wish the two of them the very best 🙂

Love Rhiannon

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