These two cuties are on the blog today yippee! Stefany + Isaac are getting married this summer I just know by how stylish Stefany is that their wedding will be just as amazing. We met up at the University of Alberta for our engagement session, there was still a little bit of snow left on the ground, so props to this girl for wearing a dress and braving it out.

If you can believe it or not I actually found Stefany + Isaac on Reddit! They reached out on there for a wedding photographer and a friend of mine sent me their request. I of course promptly replied and I am so thrilled that they made room for me to be apart of their wedding! I never would have thought I could have booked an amazing couple like this through Reddit of all places, but that just goes to show you how connected our world is and I love it. Turns out Stefany and I actually went to same high school as well fancy that! Such a small (but yet connected) world we live in 🙂

Stefany + Isaac met at the University so it seemed very fitting for our engagement session to be held here along all the unique and timeless architecture, this place offers so many different opportunities for a wide variety of photos. These two were all giggles and perfect smiles, I cannot wait for their big special day this August. We were all dreaming of our beautiful river valley full of green they will make for some stunning wedding photographs when the time comes!

Hope you all enjoy looking at these two’s engagement session!

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