Here’s another adorable and funny couple on my blog today! Vanessa + Stefan are getting married next summer out at Emerald Lake! If you haven’t seen what Emerald Lake looks like you really should do a quick google search because it is stunning just like these two, surprising lots of people here in Edmonton haven’t heard of Emerald Lake I almost wish their wedding was this summer but I guess we’ll just have to wait a little longer.

I clicked instantly with these two and I love it when that happens, we had a great time walking all around the river valley which is close to their house taking photographs and laughing. Vanessa + Stefan have been together for 6 years it’ll be so exciting to witness these two tying the knot. I just hope there won’t be rain, unfortunately we got rained out not once, but twice for our engagement sessions here. I’m just so happy the night we we’re finally able to meet up it was bright and sunny. If only I could control the weather I would that was all my couples could have beautiful warm weather for everything we shoot!

Feel free to check out Vanessa + Stefan’s sweet sunny engagement session bellow.

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